There are few things that can beat a Minnesota fall. A new season filled with fresh colors and 80º days in late September. Ok, that last one seems to be a bit of a phenomena. But regardless, fall in Minnesota is spectacular. And with a quick trip up north for some down time, the trip provided plenty of relaxation. It also provided new experiences, as I was able to fit in some hunting, before heading into the workweek, and jumping into a new job position tomorrow.

Being an inexperienced hunter, I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusion. 3 hours of hunting, one close encounter with a skunk and about two-dozen shells later, I decided to call it a day. Total ducks sighted in range: roughly 23. Total ducks shot at: approximately 18. Total ducks successfully shot: one whole goose egg (or zero, numerically speaking). While it’s hard to quantify success based on those numbers, there was no other real way of jumping in and trying my hand at it. Yet each missed shot provided the same simple objective each time: improve my shot. Simple as it may be, it doesn’t happen over night. That’s the feeling I have going into this new job. I want to be successful in this new venture, but I’m certain there’ll be plenty of trial and error. But that won’t deter me from putting as much of myself into it as possible.

As I Recently left my position at a local running store to fill a sales position, I’m excited to be jumping into this new position with this company. The running store provided a market I’m completely familiar with and comfortable selling. The new position, while dealing with sales in a similar sense, is a much different market, but a sellable market nonetheless. I feel similar to this weekend’s hunting excursion in approaching this job. I see the targets, I have the proper tools to harvest the game, and all that is required now is the appropriate approach. But more so, it’ll take a bit of fine-tuning on my marksmanship to catch my game. The best duck calls and most expensive shotgun on the market won’t make any difference if I can’t hit my target. Same with any sales pitch I come up. If I can’t execute, all the fancy staplers and other office supplies won’t do me any good. Like everything else I’ve ever stood behind, I believe in the product and service I’m providing, it’s simply up to me to portray that to whomever I’m selling to in a way that will make them believe in the product and myself. A key aspect I’ve learned as an athlete, is no matter the line of work you’re in, the only product you need to sell, is yourself. And I encourage the inevitable growth that’ll come with learning the ins and outs of this new position.

So with time, I will be fine-tuning my shot, holding steady, and most importantly, pulling the trigger. I’ll still miss a few, and in the end, I’ll have expended too much energy on ducks that escape my grasp, but that doesn’t discourage me. The great thing about hunting is there’s always something in season. All you have to do is know the seasons and know the right places to look. Oh, and have relatively decent aim. So in the meantime, I’ll keep learning and growing. But more importantly, head back up in a few weeks for a few ducks that got away and maybe a turkey.