These are new legs. No, not the botox infused, silicone sculpted garbage that’s utilized solely for the sake of vanity. They are not the shiny pristine legs that may seem enviable to most. They are dirty, gritty, salt-stained, mud-caked legs that have seen their fair share of ups and downs. Gone through enough obstacles throughout the process to make any tough mudder look like a joke.

These legs are workhorses. They come from a long slow grind, that only become apparent after long hours of keeping your head down at the office; chipping away at was once a block of marble, slowly molding into Michelangelo’s David. Only looking up and realizing all the benefits of your efforts culminate. One by one, each success leading to another: each failure leading to a different approach. Never resting on your Laurels and always hungry for more. The innovation and success of these legs being built upon previous legs, yet different.

These legs are not the same as last year’s. Sure those were nice too, but they weren’t these specific legs. They had a decent amount of miles on them, but these have more. These are tired, relentless legs that have seen the amount of work that legs prior to have not seen. They have sculpted themselves from hard work, being unsuspectingly powerful. Function decides form, and these legs will fulfill the function in which they are intended. Not being one to skip leg day, bro, they are not built for vanity’s sake. Continually improving the functionality of yesterday’s legs, these are new legs.

Day in and day out these legs have focused on the end goal above all to ensure the process as a whole is taken in stride. Each shift clocked in and out to a specific formula so as to put enough money in the bank to be withdrawn at a later date for all the right reasons. No sick days, fewer vacation days, with a lunch break here and there to ensure positive worker morale and health. Sure the task is monotonous, and the rewards appear few and far between. But these legs won’t be new for long. Like any piece of equipment, they will wear down. They won’t be as efficient. Time and effort will take its toll. But any investment sold short of its value creates too much buyer’s remorse. And as the majority stockholder in this investment, I plan on seeing a positive return. During which, I’ll continue to grow my capital investment to ensure the proper and sustainable growth that I know is possible. Just as these aren’t the same legs as years prior, these won’t be the same as what’s to come.